Make Old Wood Floors Look New with Buff and Coat Refinishing

Using Buff and Coat to Make Old Floors Look New


What is it about hardwood floors that offer a stunning first impression to a home’s decor? The natural color variations of hardwood and its polished shine draws in and captures your attention. The natural strength of hardwoods like oak, maple, and birch offer a certain feeling underneath your feet when you walk through the house. Hardwood flooring has a clean and polished look to it. Or it is simply high-quality finish that ties the whole room together and offers an allure of charm and character. There are many reasons to love hardwood, but the real truth of the matter is the longevity hardwood floors have that goes beyond its natural attributes. However, wood floors are not immune from flaws over time. Rocks caught in the soles of shoes, high heels, pets and exuberant children running through the home – all will literally leave their mark on a new hardwood floor over time. These scratches, marks, and scuffs will add up and eventually you will wonder how to make old wood floors look new. Luckily there is an easy process that professional flooring restorers can offer. Minor scratches, scrapes, and scuffs can be removed through an easy buff and coat process. This method of restoring floors is less invasive than completely refinishing a floor and far less expensive than replacing it. The buff and coat treatment takes only one day to complete and there is no dust havoc to clean up afterward. Buffing and coating a hardwood floor not only removes those pesky marks on the floor but helps to maintain its condition for years to come.


A buff and coat treatment is also known as a screen and buff because a screen with abrasive materials is put onto a buffing machine and then applied to the hardwood flooring. The screen is less aggressive than sandpaper but effective in texturing the floor before the new finish is added. A new coat of polyurethane is added to the floor and buffed to shine. There are many different tips for how to make old wood floors look like new online for DIY or do-it-yourself folks who fancy themselves handy enough to take on the job. But, like anything in life, you pay for what you get. Installing hardwood flooring is an investment in your home, as is investing in restoring it with the right team that is professional and committed to delivering excellence.



Trust the Experts to Make Old Wood Floors Look New Again!


Finding a contractor to complete a buff and coat treatment for your floor is easier than it sounds, especially if you live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Imagine having a group of reputable contractors under one umbrella, accessible through a team of customer service specialists to make your wood floors look new again. These teams combine the elements of great service with high-quality workmanship by qualified flooring restorers and installers. This formula produces simply outstanding results. Often, homeowners are impressed by a contractor’s work but taken aback by a lack of customer service. Contractors are specialists at their trade, but not so excellent at communicating with tact. If you have ever worked with a contractor, you may have been impressed with the final result but frustrated on how you got there. You are not alone. Scheduling and logistics can wreak havoc on customer satisfaction.


Imagine then having a flooring project handled by a team of savvy service specialists who handle all of your questions about the process, as well as scheduling the contractor’s appointments. When asked by customers how to make old floors new, these specialists will help you decide what service is best.




Know What Type of Work Will Make Your Old Wood Floors Look New

Dealing with contractors can be cumbersome. From scheduling appointments to getting the answers you want with the details you need. Often contractors lack the finesse it takes to answer frequently asked questions about processes like refinishing or buff and coat methods. They use jargon and, at times, can offer the impression they have little patience for inquiring customers. This creates communication problems from both ends with detrimental results, often affecting the customer, who have never had all the information to begin with. A trusted contractor company that values their customer and thus offers excellent customer service will explain to you the differences between each of the services offered, such as buff and coat, refinish or reinstall, and will help you come to the right decision. For general examples, small scuffs and scrapes will be to a buff and coat treatment, while deeper scratches, dents, and abrasions would warrant a complete refinish. The results of this new approach to delivering high-quality workmanship with excellent customer service speak for themselves through positive testimonials and positive reviews.



Make Old Wood Floors Look New with Contractor Matchmaking

How do you determine the contractor who will earn your business? Many people turn to online resources such as specialized search engines and reviews to make their decision. But it doesn’t vet out the bad eggs of the bunch. There is one GTA company that is taking a new approach to introducing contractors with potential clients – through a matchmaking service.


Homeowners who have invested in hardwood flooring initially want to reinvest in a quality finish to last a lifetime and want to be assured they have the right person for the job. NewRidge Refinishing Group is a company that understands this lack of communication and a gap in service. Most of all, they know how to make old wood floors look new. They have filled this gap by providing a specialized customer service team to focus on the customer’s needs and then partnering them with the right flooring expert. This attention to detail exceeds all customer expectations.


The testimonials alone on various review sites support this format while being unique in the industry, earning top honours with HomeStarsand Houzz. You can rest assured that the folks working to refinish your floors are the best in the GTA with this level of detail.